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How do you encourage children to read? This is a question anyone involved with children asks themselves at least once; and with our declining rate of literacy, it’s a question that is being asked more often. As authors and passionate readers, we have decided to take the authors and their books into schools and in doing so we are adding the element of face-to-face interaction with a ‘real-life’ author. The children love this and become excited at the prospect of reading a story that the author in front of them has written.

Book distribution happens in one of two ways – via sponsorship or sale. If a school is under-funded, we endeavour to find sponsorship to buy the books from the authors so that they may be left at the school (hopefully in a library) and at other schools, we ask the school to notify the parents that the books will be on sale on the day of the visit. We may charge a small fee to pay the authors a little something towards their travelling costs.

Contact us to arrange a visit from the Schools Reading Road Show and allow us the opportunity to encourage children to read.

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