A Selection of Books

I spent a fortune on books for my child and in fact, started buying them before he was born! But what happened? Many of them grew dusty because they did not appeal to him. You cannot know what your child will enjoy until he is exposed to a variety.

It is vital to have books which your child enjoys. Forcing them to listen to or read a story that does not appeal to them will not encourage them to read. You may not like the books they choose, but as long as they are age appropriate, why discourage them?

My child has never been an avid reader, but this is a necessary skill and so I persevered. I took him with me to the library and book store to enable him to choose books which appealed to him. These were usually puzzle books of some kind such as find 3 bananas in the picture, or take the cat through the maze to the mouse in the middle, but it is all reading. Even if there are only instructions on a page with a puzzle, they still need to decode the words to be able to solve the puzzle.

What are your child’s favourite books? Boys and girls often choose different types of stories so let us know in the comments below which stories your children choose so we can get them for our children.

Kim Hunter is the creator of Touch and Learn handcrafted ECD books and can be found on Facebook @TALhandcraftedbooks.

A Selection of Books

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