Books, Books and More Books

My child had many, many books and yet kept going back to the same books when asked to choose one to read. I found this incredibly boring and wanted to read new stories every night – but he did not. Don’t fight with your child – allow him to choose the book he wants to read and let him have at it! Repetition is vital in the quest for retaining knowledge.

Think back to your younger days. How did you study for an exam? I read the passage, drew a mind map (or spider diagram), used colour, and wrote things over and over and so on. All of this is repetition. Why should our youngsters be any different?

If you read the same story over and over, they will start to memorise it and soon will be able to tell you the story. Use this to point out the words as they say them making a connection between sight and sound. Ask them to point to the words as they tell you the story and you add touch to the experience. Start sounding out the words and you are on a winning track.

Routine and perseverance is the route to encouraging our children to read.

Kim Hunter is the creator of Touch and Learn handcrafted ECD books and can be found on Facebook @TALhandcraftedbooks.

Books, Books and More Books

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