Fantasy and Fact

My first youth novel in the ‘Remember the Future’ time travel series won the 2017 Book Talk Radio Club Award in the Science Fiction category and I’m really proud of this award. “Children of the Moon” was first published in South Africa in 2005 and to see your first book win an award is a wonderful achievement for any author.

Much has happened since. I’m on my ninth novel and the fourth book in the youth series will be released later this year. I’ve also moved on to self-publishing and never looked back.

When I first started bouncing around the idea of becoming a writer, I had an ambitious goal: to use what I’d learned and make it available to readers. I’d always enjoyed reading fascinating facts and legends from around the world with the legend of Atlantis being only one of them, so that’s what I am doing.

I’d studied cultural sciences back in the day and sitting on stacks of research I decided to create books for children about adventures in prehistory. Time travel seemed the logical way to arrive in ancient times and I sort of developed my own method, based on quantum physics. Whether time travel will be possible one day is anyone’s guess, but it’s a really cool idea.

These legends are used in the fabric of each story and the time travellers explore a world of fantasy and fact. Each book in the series has an element-theme, such as earth, water, air and fire and I let the characters from the future learn things from the past that could be useful even in our times.

Where ever it fit into the text, I have used original expressions from ancient languages. ‘vimaan’, for example, comes from the Sanskrit word ‘vimana’, meaning flying vehicle; and ‘shelanti’, is an ancient Irish greeting which means ‘I wish for you what I wish for myself’.

And with that… shelanti and keep enjoying the fantasy world of books.

Yours, Evadeen Brickwood

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Fantasy and Fact

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