I Don’t Wanna….

Gosh! How many times have I heard my child say this? He is now 20 years old – and I still hear it from time to time! However, it is something all parents have to deal with, especially when it comes to reading and spelling. Here are some of the ways I tried to overcome this:

1. Routine. Children thrive on routine, whether they believe it or not.
a. Choose a time for homework and stick to it.
b. Give a five minute warning to give them a chance to finish whatever they are doing and then be ready for them.
c. Have their school bag at the table so they don’t use looking for it as an excuse.
d. Tell your child that you have put aside 30 minutes to help with their homework and give them your full attention.
2. Reading time. Children are comforted when they can cuddle up to an adult and reading is the ideal time to do this.
a. Any time of day is suitable for reading time but keep consistent. First or last thing in the day is always a good time for a cuddle, so use it.
b. Have a selection of books in the cuddle area (child’s bed, your bed, a corner of the couch etc) and let them choose the story.
c. Repetition is great so if they choose the same book over and over, do not be discouraged.
3. ‘Wasted time’. Time spent in the car does not have to be wasted time.
a. Use this time to do spelling with your child. Have the list of words with you and quiz your child as you travel.
b. Pop in some words from previous lists and add a few new ones as you go.
c. Things you spot along the way are great words to learn to spell eg. ‘Wow! Spring is coming. I can see green grass popping up. Can you spell green?’

I hope that these suggestions will help you overcome the frustration of ‘I don’t wanna….’ Feel free to add your tips in the comments – we are all looking for ways to encourage our children.

Kim Hunter is the creator of Touch and Learn handcrafted ECD books and can be found on Facebook @TALhandcraftedbooks.

I Don’t Wanna….

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