Learn What Your Name Means

Did you know that March 5th each year is Learn What Your Name Means day?

We use names to identify people and things. It may be that your child does not actually KNOW your name as they always call you by a name which identifies your role in their life ie. Mom, Dad, Gran, Grandpa etc. This changes with time because they hear people calling you by your given name and so associate you with it when you respond. However, it is interesting to ask your child what your given name is to see if they actually know it!

Does your child know the names of the important people in their lives?

Children need to know the names of the important people in their lives. They also need to know at least one phone number and their address in case of an emergency. I made this fun by making up a rhyme and sang it with my child in the car everyday. Of course, my number has changed several times over the years, so make sure you remember to teach your children your new number when that happens.

That was me digressing from the topic……what does your name mean? What does your child’s name mean? Did you choose the name because it sounded good, or perhaps it is a family name, or did you choose it because of its meaning?

According to https://www.babble.com/baby-names/ my name (Kim) means Warrior Chief! I have no idea how my parents chose my name but I know that I only chose my son’s name after he was born. It just didn’t feel right to choose a name before I saw him. We did discuss names but could never agree until he was born and we just know what we would call him.

Learning their name is a great way to introduce the concept of letters

Use your child’s name to start teaching the letters of the alphabet. It will have more meaning to them. Draw in the sand, on the mirror when it is fogged over, with paint, play dough or any other way you can think of. most of all, make it fun!

And, just for fun, here is an article listing the most and least popular names in 2018: https://www.parents.com/news/most-popular-baby-names-of-2018-have-been-released/

Let us know the meaning of your name, your child’s name and how you have taught your child to spell their name.

Kim Hunter is the creator of Touch and Learn Handcrafted for Children which is an online store offering handmade felt and material books and other products for children. www.touchandlearn.co.za

Learn What Your Name Means
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