Why do we read to our children?

Why do we read to our children? Is it because it’s just part of your daily routine, to read to them before they go to sleep? Yes, reading does help them to relax and fall asleep nore easily and it’s a great way to spend time together, but that is not the only reason to read to them.

When you read to your child, you’re building their vocabulary, language and literacy skills, while improving concentration, curiosity and memory.

Reading develops a child’s imagination, they will imagine themselves in the character’s situation, or imagine what things looks like…especially when you tell them stories in the dark without any pictures…

Reading teaches children about the world around them. They learn about planets without being able to see them, or about different wild animals, when they might not have been to a game reserve yet.

Reading to your children helps to develop empathy. When a child imagines themself in the character’s situation, they start to identify with the character and feel what the character is feeling. They begin to understand and to relate to emotions.

Reading to your children also develops a love for books and reading. This will encourage them to read more and the more they read, the better they will get at it. Reading is also the first step in learning, therefore, a good reader tends to achieve better in school.

But most importantly, reading is fun…

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Why do we read to our children?

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